A-Pro Progressional Building Inspections in Springfield, MO

inspecting-construction-300x236The building of a home is critical at every step. Having each step of this process inspected is also critical. While most contractors are very good at what they do, it is imperative to have another set of eyes to verify the decisions that they have to make.

At A-Pro Home Inspection Services we can be your second set of eyes for building inspections. There are usually 4-5 levels of this inspection process:

  1. Site Verification:This inspection is to verify the viability of the building site. We look at the lay of the land, the drainage of the site and evaluate the surrounding buildings (if any). We also look at your architectural plans and let you know if the home you are building is a “fit” for this particular site.
  2. Foundation Pour Verification:This is done once the foundation is poured and prior to fill in. We’ll look at how the foundation was poured and assess any problems, if any.
  3. Frame Rough-in Verification:This is done once the subflooring is installed, the framing mostly done and the roof structure completed. We’ll assess the workmanship of the framing job and the stability of the building and roof structure.
  4. Plumbing and Electrical Rough-in Verification:This is done once all the electrical and plumbing is run but not necessarily complete. We want to verify adequate distribution of power along with the plumbing supply and drainage.
  5. Drywall Rough-in:This is done once all of the drywall is hung and plastered in. This inspection is optional but recommended.
  6. Final Inspection:This is done once everything is complete. This is essentially a complete home inspection to verify that the home is built to your satisfaction. Most everything should be done prior to this inspection. However, the landscaping does not need to be done, but all fill dirt should be complete.