Environmental Tests to Help Protect You and Your Family in Springfield, MO

In the past, when someone got sick or ill we just chalked it up to them being weak or sickly. Today, we know better! There are a whole host of things that make us sick. A large portion of these are environmental issues. A-Pro can help identify a few of these types of concerns in your home. A-Pro offers a variety of ancillary services including but limited to:

  • Asbestos Testing- Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was once used in a host of different building materials to strengthen a product or make it fire retardant. If left undisturbed, asbestos poses little health risk; however, if the fibers become airborne where it can be inhaled, then there are several health risks associated with asbestos. Learn more about Asbestos Testing Here. 
  • Lead Testing- Lead is a highly toxic metal that was used in a variety of building materials for many years, it can cause a range of health issues: Learn more about Lead Testing Here.
  • Meth Screening- Meth is continuing to be a growing problem in our country- it’s in the news daily. It’s advisable to get your home screened for Meth to be on the safe side.
  • Mold Inspections and Testing- Mold, the most dangerous offender of all, often goes undetected because of its invisibility. Most people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors and are not aware of the health hazards created by this pollutant. Learn more about Mold Testing Here
  • Radon Testing-  Radon is a colorless, odorless, inert radioactive gas. You can’t see it, smell it or feel it but it is always present in the air we breath. Learn more about Radon Testing Here
  • Septic System Inspections- Learn more about Septic System Inspections Here
  • Termite Inspection- Termites do more damage each year than fires, floods, tornados and hurricanes combined: Learn more about Termite Inspections Here
  • Water Quality Testing
    • Bacteria (Total Coliform and e. Coli)
    • Lead
    • Total Nitrate/Nitrite
    • pH
    • Iron
    • Turbidity
  • Well Inspections