An A-Pro Certified Inspection Can Protect You & Help You Sell Your Springfield, MO Home Faster!

As you well know, we’ve moved into a buyer’s market and its a little more difficult to get what you need out of your home. How can we help? Simple- Offer your home as Certified Pre-Owned Home with a Home Warranty! This will drastically increase it’s marketability as well as limit possible re-negotiations.


Home buyers have traditionally been the primary source of home inspections; however, in today’s competitive marketplace; sellers really need to market their home if they want top dollar for their investment. A-Pro’s Certified Pre-Owned Home program literally pays for itself by limiting re-negotiations and adding market value.

  • 90 Day Guarantee included at no additional cost to you.
  • One Free Re-Inspection is provided once repairs are made
  • We guarantee a 24-hour turn around time for the electronic copy of the report.
  • A beautifully hardbound copy which includes an extensive “Home Maintenance Guide”.
  • Minimal cost of $250- $300 for the average size home which could potentially save thousands in possible re-negotiations.
  • We point out the positive attributes of the home as well as those items that need to be monitored or improved.
  • We use the ISHI (International Society of Home Inspectors) standards- a 500-Point Inspection. We check ALL outlets, windows and doors and not just a “representative” sampling.

We think this may very well be the answer you’re looking for to help get the most money for your home in a slowing market. The best business ventures are those where all parties benefit. Let us help one another and allow us to help market and sell your home.