DSC_1861A-Pro Home Inspections is a Christian and Veteran owned business since 1994. We believe in fair and honest business practices! What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Competitively Priced
  • 500-Point Inspection
  • Reports email on site!
  • Certified and Insured Inspectors
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Online Appointment Scheduling 24/7
  • Narrative and Easy to Understand Reports
  • Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Customers Nation Wide!
  • Positive Attributes are Reported in addition to those items that Need Improvement



Our home inspection saved us a lot of money! Our inspector found some very expensive problems with our first selection. Thanks to our home inspector, we were able to foresee some very big problems and avoid them. We were able to find a more suitable home and are now confidently moving in after a very thorough and successful inspection.

Michael and Nancy O., Springfield MO

Impressive! John was very informative and detail oriented. His response to the first call was prompt and scheduled our appointment for the next day. I did like the fact that my client and I received the e-mail report at the same time so my client who was from out of the area did not have to wait until it arrived my mail. Then my client received a professional looking hard cover inspection report. Very nice!

Gracie B., Realtor, Lebanon MO

I felt John Parker at A-Pro did an awesome job inspecting my home. I was provided with a detailed home inspection report and the cost was very reasonable. He was very thorough and gave me much needed advice on ways to care for my home along with things to avoid regarding my home. I would recommend his services very highly.

Rebecca D., Marshfield MO

John Parker, A-Pro Home Inspection Services, has done inspections for me and I am very pleased with his services. He is very thorough and has explained his findings in detail with me, the buyers and the sellers whenever possible. I will use him again and recommend him to your company.

Ann B., Realtor, Lebanon MO